To make a full cross stitch, bring your needle from the back of the fabric through hole #1 and create the first half of an X by sending your needle through hole #4. Come back up through hole #2 and finish your X by passing through hole #3. You will then obtain a full cross stitch.

Although it does not matter which diagonal of your X you start with, make sure to always start each stitch the same way so that your project has a uniform look.

When stitching a row of stitches of the same colour, most stitchers prefer to make the first halves of all the stitches first and then come back in the opposite direction to finish them. This method saves thread and speeds up stitching a little.

When you are done with an area, a colour or if you want to stop stitching, flip the fabric over, pull your needle through a few stitches and snip the thread with sharp scissors.